With a database of 1,000-plus sponsors and over 4,000 monitors spanning more than 60 countries, the projects will finally search for you!

MonitorForHire.com is a patented, web-enabled management tool for locating and contracting available, independent clinical research monitors for clinical trials. This on-the-go tool enables monitors to keep track of their current projects, view open project invitations, log time, submit availability, and stay in touch with all of MonitorForHire.com's opportunities.

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List of project invitations with the option to verify or decline
Submit availability

  1. 1

    11 months forward

Time Reporting

  1. 1

    Daily and weekly navigation

  2. 2

    Edit previous week hours and notes

  3. 3

    Submit hours

Push notifications

  1. 1

    Pending project invitations

  2. 2

    Active projects

Who uses this app?

Independent clinical research monitors.

*Note: You must be a registered and approved monitor at MonitorForHire.com
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